Humanity & Football

This past weekend I attended the Iron Bowel with my boyfriend.  He, and several others had educated me on the rivalry (which kinda goes without saying) for several weeks beforehand.  You see I’m a new AU fan.  I’ve had no college attachments thus far in my life.  With that being said, I was also told by several people that Alabama fans are some of the worst out there.  I kind of laughed it off and thought about Philadelphia fans, I mean, come on they’re the worst!  God help you in Eagles territory.  So the Iron bowl was a phenomenal game, if any of you saw it, you already know.  For those of you who don’t AU came back to tie it up w/in about a minute of the game ending.  All our defense had to do was hold them for overtime, and they did just that….BUT WAIT, a review on the last play.  Alabama’s coach had the play reviewed and as it turned out his man skittered out of bounds with one second left on the play clock.  As the roar of booing Auburn fans started to quiet, Alabama lined up for a field goal.  A 57 field goal attempt?  Really??  Come on Saban, what are you thinking?  A miracle?  Ok, yeah I can roll with that.  It’s football and let’s face it if you saw the end of the AU/GA game two weeks ago, it could have happened.    As the kick went up it was painfully clear (painful for AL) to those of us on the 40 yard line, that ball was going nowhere and fast.  What we hadn’t noticed was Chris Davis strategically placed in the end zone.  Maybe it was b/c AU was in blue that day, or that we were all fixated on the sky, but there he was.  Without missing a beat he snatched that ball and bolted.  The Al players must have transitioned into overtime in their minds, b/c they weren’t really anywhere to be found.  That boy had the run of his life!  109 yards to score the winning touchdown!  It was nothing short of amazing!  There truly were NO WORDS!  An arrogant call on Saban’s part had lost them the game, in one of the oldest and biggest rivalries in college football, if not THE BIGGEST!  See the INCREDIBLE play here.

So, now that the scene is set for this PHENOMENAL game here’s where my disgust comes in. Cade Foster Al’s kicker has been receiving DEATH THREATS!  Yes, that’s right, death threats from AL fans. Are you kidding me??  What is wrong with you people.  I get that college football is a huge deal, but how about Saban?  What bonehead move.  Not to mention the fact that Foster is just a kid.  I mean come on when you stop and think about it these guys are babies.  Some of them are what 18-19.  Not that age should be a factor anyway, but come on people.  Where has our basic sense of humanity gone?  Seriously, we are called to love one another.  Even if that’s not you, and you don’t love your neighbor, (b/c let’s face it, that’s hard to do more often than not) death threats?  I am beyond disappointed and disgusted in those individuals that are behaving in such a manner.  How about the fact that this kid has now gone down in history as the one who screwed up so many times?  For the love of God he wasn’t even the one who kicked the turnover!  I hate that what is supposed to be such an enjoyable event for all has turned into such madness. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for some taunting and ribbing like this…

This is good, and healthy and normal.  Death threats to a poor kid, and his family are completely unacceptable.  Yet again, in relation to this game, there are no words.  I personally hope that he presses charges.  While I’m sure he won’t, I think that someone needs to stand up to this bullying that is such an awful role model for our youth.  What would you do if this were you child?  I cannot even imagine being his parent.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not an everyone gets a trophy kind of mom.  The kids on my basketball team run if they’re being crazy and not listening!  lol It’s a game people.  If you were stupid enough to bet your life saving on it, then perhaps you should be looking in the mirror and staying off the internet.


Today I did things a little bit different.  I changed my perspective on everything.  I’m not entirely sure why or how exactly (I suspect it’s God growing me) but today I started to look at things completely different than ever before.  Instead of being bothered by the things in my life, or my day that were seemingly negative, or bad, I was thankful for them.  Thankful you may be thinking?  Why in the world would you be thankful for something that is “bad”?  Well, here is my new school of thought, (that I seriously hope is a transformation in my life, and not just a fly by night thing) I am thankful for all of the negative things in my life b/c without them there wouldn’t be a positive, and I would not be able to recognize the good when it happens.  I have been shown in recent weeks just how great my life is.  While, it’s been in a state of upeaveal for a bit, I think it’s finally all making sense to me now.  Even in the midst of so much turmoil, there is nothing but good in it.  It’s easy to be thankful for the good in your life right?  Obviously, when things are going good, we are happy, and life is just better all around, we gravitate away from the “bad”.  Well, if we didn’t have the “bad”, we wouldn’t know just how great the good is right?  It’s in this recent revelation, that I realize just how stupid most of the stuff that bothers me is.  It makes me realize just how insane some of the things I was thinking about or wanting was.  I mean I hate my iphone right?  Yeah, I do.  Can’t stand that stupid phone, would LOVE to get rid of it.  Last night it started freaking out for no reason, my first thought was “man, I wish I could get rid of this stupid thing.”  Today, I dropped it and busted the screen, jacked it up bad.  I picked it up and was like, yeah, that really sucks, but at least I have a phone to break.  Yeah, I have a phone to break.

I hate my house, this thing is 20+ years old and falling down around me.  It needs, new siding, has water damage, new furnace, windows, etc. you name it, odds are good this place needs it.  Shower door just up and fell off a few months ago.  You khow what I realized the other day?  I have a roof over my head.  Wow..yea, it’s THAT simple.  I am so so so incredibly thankful for this house.  This house that God brought me to.  I fought this house tooth and nail, but for whatever reason, I am meant to be here.  It fulfills the needs of my family, it shelters me, allows me to have my business…my God given talents flow through the walls of this house.  It protects, the most precious gifts I have, not my camera, not my cars, not my clothes…my children.  The only thing in the life that truly matter, are my children.  It provides safety, security, comfort, and shelter.  I have food on my table, I have clothes on my back.  My back that is bad.  I am thankful for my bad back, b/c I know what it feels like to be whole, when it’s not acting up.  I have gallstones that level me to the floor for hours, to the point I cannot even speak the pain is so bad.  Through them I know what it feels like to be healthy and whole.  I am thankful for sadness and tears, pain, grief, sorrow, dispair, a broken heart, a borken marriage, broken promises, divorce, illness, death…why…why am I thankful for these things?  Thru them I know happiness, smiles, growth, joy, elation, being well within my body and soul, love, strength, life, and hope.  Most of all though, thru them I know God.  So tonight I am thankful for all of the negatives and seemingly bad things in my life.  For my slow laptop, that allows me to communicate to the world, and do what I love.  For my bare pantry, because there is enough food in it for tomorrow.  For the holes in my socks, because my feet will still be warm.  I am so very very thankful for all of these things.  Most of all though, tonight I am thankful for this realization, b/c it provides me a huge sense of peace.

I’m not one to preach by any stretch.  I am fumbling my way thought this life just like the next guy.  I’ve also come to realize that we are all just people, doing what we can do to make it in this world, through this life.  What we think is right, or where we need to be, whether it be for ourselves, our kids, or our families.  I’ve been blessed with an amazing man in my life recently (I have a lot of amazing men in my life quite honestly, but that’s another blog post entirely), and we communicate frequently through music.  One of our favorite song lyrics is “I’m not sure why her path crossed mine, by accident or grand design”.  It’s the last part that gets me, every time.  Accident or grand design…I like to think about that, in general in all areas of my life.  I like to look at the timing of things.  In his case, if he’d come into my life as much as two days sooner, we wouldn’t be together, any later, and who knows?  So tonight, I am thankful.  I am thankful for the 14 years I had with my ex-husband and all that was achieved, and the blessings from that relationship.  I am thankful for every wrong turn, b/c in reality there are no wrong turns.  It’s not my time table.  Tonight, I am thankful.  I sincerely hope tomorrow, I will be too.

The Butterfly…tattered wings.

The other day while sitting under the tree in my neigbors yard, (as I do most days) waiting on the arrival of the bus, I noticed a butterfly on the ground.  There was obviously a problem b/c butterlfies do not reside on the ground.

 I walked over and picked it up.  The poor thing was struggling to survive.  My initial though was how sad, it was so beautiful.  I have a special attachment to butterflies, b/c after my cousin Natalie died (she was more like a sister) butterflies started presenting themselves constantly.  Even in the winter time I would see one periodically.  They would land on me and just kind of hang out.  Show up in times of grief and sorrow. I suppose the timing of this little guy wasn’t any different.  I have some turmoil in my life as you may know if you follow my blog or know me in real life.  Anyhow, I picked the butterfly up and inspected it closely.  About that time the kids were getting off the bus, and were so very excited to see me holding a butterfly.  They of course wanted to hold it, even though I discouraged them, and explained it was likely dying.  It was then I noticed one of it’s wings was torn.  I was fairly certain this was a death sentance for this beautiful fragile creature.  I have a massive butterfly bush in my front yard, so I took it and put it on the most sturdy beautiful bloom I could find.  I figured it nothing else it could die in a place of beauty, and have one more meal.  In truth I was hoping the bush would breath new life into it, it’s wing would be healed and I’d never see it again.  Sadly the butterly now lay in tatttered pieces below the bush.

Why would I share this story of a dead buterfly you may be wondering to yourself?  Well this morning I awoke to an email from the mom who’s baby died, that I photographed last, before going on break from  Her email was in response to the one I sent her, after receiving her letter.  It gave me an extra boost this morning.  I went for my morning run and spent the entire time praying and talking to God.  I asked for signs, assistance, strength, courage, grace, understaning, you name it, everythig except patience (b/c I know better than to ask for that).  While I know that a lot of the things I won’t get immediately, or will be too blind to see, some of them were seen on the trails b/c my mind and eyes were open.  My goal for this week was to be up to 3 miles, but  b/c I haven’t been feeling well, it didn’t happen.  Today I hit about 1.65-1.75 ish.  I tend to average more like 2.67 or so.  The funny thing is though, despite my distance, or time, today’s run was one of the best I’ve had.  I was so in tune with natue, and God, and everything around me, that I wasn’t dissapointed when I left out that last lap.  What I realized was while it’s good to push yourself, you may not always make it.  Sometimes, in life you need help.  When I got home I remembered the girls telling me the butterfly was laying in pieces under the bush.  I walked out and looked at the beautiful creature that once was.  This butterfly came as a subtle reminder that sometimes in life all we can do is  show another love, or give them a chance, but inevitably nature will take it’s course.  In wake of the insanity with these school shootings, and incidents, all I can say is clearly we are needing to show each other more love.  The terrorization of children is about as horrific as it gets.  I want the problem sovled not just for my children’s school but all the area schools.  I’ll fundraise through my business or do whatever I can to help raise moneys to put cameras and locks on those doors, if need be.  Ultimately though, we need to at least try to love one another, our neighbors, stangers, friends.  You never now who is tattered, or broken, who may have a torn wing.  So today I encourage you to take a deep breath, and slow your pace down a few steps.  Take a second to compliment a total stranger, or chat with the barista in your coffee shop, show someone the warmth of your smile.  Just a minute of caring goes a long way.  If we can all give it a shot, and it’s contagious, our world will surely be a better place.

Yet again, my blog has nothing to do with photography, portraits, events, weddings, or head shots.  I guess at the moment that’s not really what it’s all about.  Go figure.

Still beautiful, even in death.  Who will pick up the pieces?

Are our kids safe?

I DO NOT watch the news because I simply cannot handle it.  Typically if things come across facebook, I don’t look at it.  Why? I would be a total basket case riddled with anger if I did.  Especially, after events such as today.  There have been many school shootings as we all know over the past few years, in our country.  Today’s was about 30 minutes from my house.  I have elementary school age children, and the thought of someone walking into their school (b/c they very easily could) and terrorizing them the way that this COWARD of a human (if you can even call them a human) did today, makes me beyond irate.  Why are our schools not safe?  Why is is that you don’t have to walk THROUGH the front office to get into the building.  Why are children roaming around unsupervised? Why do you have to walk OUT the FRONT doors to get to the playground??  Seriously??  Whoever is designing these buildings must not have kids, b/c they sure as hell aren’t safe.  Just the other day after leaving lunch with my kids, walking out the front door, a little girl blew right past us.  I looked at her and said “oh, honey, where are you going?”  She said to play with my friends.  She proceeded to run to the playground and join the group seemingly without notice.  I am in NO way bashing teachers or saying anything negative at all here toward them.  I volunteer at the school, and have the utmost adoration for our teachers.  I have NO idea how they do what they do.  I for one though do not understand how it is that the school systems have gotten so out of wack??  I get that we don’t want to imprison our kids, and our AMAZING teachers do all they can (most of them I would suspect anyway), but when you are set up for failure, and a situation as this occurs, what do you expect??  I’ll never forget walking into my kids school and looking at my ex-husband, saying we could totally walk out of here with a child, or someone ours.  So what do we do?  How do we make a change??  Anyone have any idea?  I don’t want to complain about it, I want to find a resolution.  This MADNESS has got to stop.  I know we can’t completely stop evil from happening, and that there will always be something going on somewhere in the world, but for the love of God our children need to be safe.  Our teachers who devote their lives to our children, and ultimately all of our futures, need to be safe.  There should be more than just a knee jerk reaction of tightening security at the schools for a few weeks, AFTER something happens.  Just this morning I drove by our police officer who sits, on campus, and she’s not paying attention at all.  The same thing could have happened this morning at our school, with her sitting right there.  I get it’s got to be boring to sit there, but again, there has to be a better way.  Someone help me find it!   What can we do?  How can we fix this??  For real, because it has got to stop!

Change of pace (kind of a long one)

I am very much a creature of habit but today the weather changed, so I thought you know what I will too.  Excitedly I put on my ripped skinny jeans, and boots (which I’ve been DYING to wear for weeks now) and pulled out into the seemingly gloomy weather.  Personally, I’ll take the chilly and rainy day over muggy nastiness we’ve been having.  Fall and winter are my favorite seasons.  The beautiful foliage, change in the air, people start getting ready for the holidays and start being a bit nicer to each other.  Luckily in our area, people are pretty nice already, but it just gets that much better.  Anyhow, it’s no secret that I spend a ridiculous amount of time working remotely at Copper Coin in downtown Woodstock.  When school’s in if I’m not shooting, you can generally find me there after my morning run, until it’s time for the bus.  I love that place.  The regulars and staff form a sweet little family all our own.  Today, I thought I’d change it up some.  I was DYING for an orange scone from Panera, so I dropped in here.  The scone was of course amazing, coffee is, well, eh coffee.  I’m so spoiled by my off menu concoction at cc, that no coffee will suffice anymore.  I guess I’m a bit of a brat like  As I sit here in this foreign place (yes, I realize that’s a bit extreme) listening to the chatter of a table of ladies while eating my scone, it became clear to me why I love cc.  I love the comrodery there, and how everyone cares about eachother, and their day.  That may very well go on here, but I’m not a part of it, if it does, so it’s less evident to me.  I am so very blessed by the people God has put in my life.  I always ask him to put the people in my path who are meant to be there, and for me to recognize it when he does.  Sometimes, I ignore him, or don’t realize it’s him.  If you know me at all you know I’m not churchy, very rarely even go.  It’s extremely rare I talk God or religion with people, but periodically I do.  Anyway, yesterday a dear friend of mine came by to borrow something.  He’s a sweet kid who seems to be pretty sound in his spirituality, probably one of the most spiritually sound people in my life (ironic considering his age).  Another relationship forged within the confines of my favorite coffee shop.  He showed up bearing coffee, which is my usual rental fee, and an envelope.  I noticed it but didn’t think anything of it really.  After we got to talking he said, “oh, by the way I have mail for you.”  With a confused look on my face I took the envelope from his hand.  On the envelope it said “Jessica Duplantis” (NILMDTS photographer).  (For those of you who don’t know I’ve been a volunteer with for about 5 years now.  The long and skinny of this group is that we go into hospitals to provide bereavement photography for families.  I am currently on break from the group due to life circumstances of my own. ) Inside the envelope was a beautiful note from the mother of the last baby I photographed before going on break.  Included with the note was a picture the babies sister had drawn before he was born.  It was an angel standing over the bedside of a mother holding a blue baby.  The sister drew this months before the family had any indication there was a problem.  The parents said that she tends to have prophetic drawings, which I am a believer in.  I believe God speaks to us, and children are more inclined to listen, b/c they are not yet jaded by the world.

As usual this is not where my mind was headed when I sat down to write this blog post.  I guess my point to all of this is that God talks to us even in our darkest hour.   Sometimes, it’s super easy to ignore, or not recognize it’s him, others he’s standing there SCREAMING in your face.  I do believe that’s the case here.  I will be re-instating my NILMDTS status very soon here.  In what can be a very dark world at times, there is always a glimmer of hope if you look and are willing to see it.  I am so incredibly blessed to have the amazing people in my life that I do.  I suppose that’s a large part of the reason I love my coffee shop and don’t stray from it often.  I love the people there and care about their lives, and their day.  I hope that from time to time I can brighten them when they are down as they do for me.  :)  I guess you never truly know how you effect others lives.  I hoe that periodically I can inspire people with these rants, or lift someones mood.  I’ve realized in recent months, we are all just people that are human, trying to do what we think is right.  From time to time we get lost and off track, but hey, that’s life.  I usually manage to tie photography back into my blog posts, but I think this round, I’m going to leave it right here, as is.

Thank you so much to all of my family and friends, random strangers, people I haven’t met, who have supported me or had a kind thought or word about me.  I am so fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people.  A HUGE thanks to all of my clients who have beleived in and trusted me to capture their cherished memories.  Without you I’d just be a girl with a camera.  :)  Much love to you all.

Moving & moving on

Recently in my life I’ve had an upheaval of change.   After 13 years, I’m going through a divorce, and my world is totally changing.   I’ve had several friends decide the best course for their families lives, or their own, would be to leave the Atlanta area.  A few to Fl., and a few out west.  While it breaks my heart to lose those near and dear to me, it’s proved to be a fun end to an adventure.  One thing I’ve learned from finding myself again and dating later in life, is that you either click with people or you don’t.  I’ve been fortunate in the past few years to experience relationships like this, as never before in my life.  This new chapter in my life has been pretty interesting.  Finding myself again, building new relationships, and experiences, life lessons etc.  Making friends as an adult is so different than when you are young and in the sandbox.  I mean can you walk up to someone on the street at the age of 33 and say “hey, wanna use my shovel??”  Yea, not so much.  Love, life, loss, these are all so much more common as adults, full of complexities.  I’ve found making friends a little bit easier than I used too, but am also losing them more frequently, due to life circumstances.  Even as I sit here writing this, I’m saddened by one of my best friends move to Fl.  Her daughter hates the song that’s playing on my radio.   lol,  but then I’m flooded with memories of the good times I had with that incredibly special family.  I always pray that God will put people in my path that are meant to be, and that I will learn what I’m meant to from them.  It never fails the ones I fall in love with the hardest are the one’s the ineveitabley end up leaving or moving away.  I guess that’s ok though, it’s a lesson in appreciation, right??  Sure, let’s roll with that.  :)

Through these recent moves I’ve been able to create some incredible images for my friends.  There is a spot in Atlanta that I love, and had not previously shot at prior to these moves.  I spotted it on a shoot with a friend last fall, but never shot there for myself.  It’s such a cool place, full of stories, in it’s own right.  It provides residence to a few homeless men, and cats.  I remind myself while I’m there that I am in someones home, and to be respectful.  You can usually find these guys chilin’ reading a book, or tending the areas they’ve designated as their own.  I guess we all have different stations or paths in our lives.  No matter what we believe or convictions we hold, we may end up somehwere one day we didn’t think we would, or ever plan to be.  I personally don’t believe in leagues and ranks.  I truly believe we are all equal, and just take different paths in life.  In any event, I’m learning that life is what you make of it.  You never know when a chance encounter with another will totally change your life.  When you end up somewhere you had no intentions of going, as does someone else, and then click…I don’t necessarily mean that in a romantic way either.  There are many forms of relationships in ones life.  I think once we learn to love ourselves then we can open the door to let others in to love us as well.  :)

We are all God’s masterpieces, don’t insult him by being down on yourself….and man am I guilty of that.

If you are moving onto new chapters of your life and leaving the Atlanta area, give me a call.  :)  I’d love to do a goodbye Atlanta session with you.

Mommy & Me mini sessions

It’s that time again to start thinking about mom!  Mother’s day will be here before we know it.  Here at AEP we think moms are really great.  We also know that moms rarely take the time to do things for themselves.  We put ourselves on the back burner more often than not.  So in an attempt to help provide mom with an amazing keepsake this mother’s day, we’re having mommy & me mini sessions from April 28th – May 4th.  Mini sessions will be $75 each.  Throw on your favorite outfit, and cute shoes, and let me chase the kiddo’s around for you!  We’ll create some amazing memories for you and your little ones to cherish forever.  :)

To view more mommy & me pictures, check out the AEP fan page!  Don’t forget to like our page!!


Ok, so I never know what, why or when the mood will strike me to write.  That being said I never know what’s going to come out.  So here goes.  I was just told “wow, those are some shoes, you’re very well coordinated.”  lol, thanks man!  This got me to thinking about what makes me feel good about myself, when I feel my best, that type of thing.  Well today I feel pretty great.  idk why but being “really well coordinated”, with a pair of great shoes, makes me feel pretty great!  It’s no secret to those who know me that I love heels.  This came to me a MUCH later in life (about 2 1/2 years ago, and I’m 33), as I never really cared about fashion, still don’t really.  I just know what I like.  I don’t consider myself fashion conscious or anything to that effect.  In fact I didn’t even own a pair of designer jeans until about a year ago.  Ok, so now I’m addicted… :/  Still though, my point, idc so long as I feel good!  I think we all need something that makes us feel good.  Do you know what that is?  If not how can you look for it, or to expand on it, so that you keep yourself happy?  It doesn’t have to be a material item, it could be a person (which can be risky, depending upon who it is), or it could be shoes, jewelry, makeup, yoga, an activity or sport.  This is clearly a bit more geared toward women…sorry guys.  If there are even any guys reading this.  Is there anyone reading this??  hello hello hello…haha.  I just assume that my rants roll out into cyberspace never to be heard from again!!!  In any event, I hope that you all have something that makes you feel good.  Life really is short.  My new favorite quote is “It is what it is, not what it could have been.”  Damn does that hit home with me!  If you’ve got something you’re holding onto from the past, let it go! Find your happy place, and roll with it!!!  ROCK each day, and love yourself!!  Go get those super hot shoes, or whatever it is that makes you feel good!  You’re no good to the rest of us if you don’t and we need you!!!!

Yes, that’s me on the left, and those are the shoes.  :)

Wow you must have a great camera!!!

“You take great pictures, you must have a really great camera.”  This is a statement that runs rampant through the photography industry.  I know I’ve had many conversations with clients as well as with my fellow pro friends about it.  I even have one friend who has gone so far as to tape off the info. on his camera to avoid this conversation at weddings.  While some pro’s take offense to this statement, I find it extremely humorous.   I think most of us who have been around for a while do.  If you’ve ever owned a DSLR or back in the film days an SLR and you shot it in manual you know just how absurd this statement is.

Most consumers purchase a DSLR with the intent of photographing their children playing sports, or just a way to freeze their ever moving toddler while in motion.  The funny thing is though, that a very small percentage of the population ever takes full advantage of their cameras capabilities.  Usually sports or portrait modes are selected and left for good.  Or the infamous green box (if you’re a canon shooter).  For the average consumer this is fine.  For a pro, (in my humble opinion) you should  be able to utilize all functions of your camera (no matter what grade gear you have).  Could you skate by with a good camera and not much knowledge?  Sure, but then you spend all your time “fixing it in photoshop” another statement that runs rampant throughout the industry.  Most pro’s strive to make amazing images in camera, and spend more time shooting than fixing.  I’m fairly sure that image software like Lightroom and Photoshop were intended for enhancements or for fun out of the box crazy creative things.  Sadly, they are used frequently for “fixing” bad photography.  Wonder what your photographer uses their imaging software for?


Not long ago a friend of mine and I went to shoot my nephews wrestling match. He was down below us next to another photographer.  He shoots all pro gear, pro glass, body cards, you name it.  The guy he was next to (who is a dad, and wonderful to the team, so I’m not knocking at all) was shooting with consumer gear (as to be expected for a team dad, again not knocking at all).  My mom said “wow, look at those cameras, do you think they’re down there comparing?”  I laughed and said I doubt it b/c it’s like comparing a Kia to a Mercedes (funny thing was she had JUST bought a Kia and  I totally forgot…lol).  Point being yes, higher end pro gear does produce nicer images, but it mostly comes down to knowledge.  Amazing images can be created with most any level gear if you know what you’re doing.  I have been in the process of transitioning to all pro glass (lenses) for the past few years.  It’s an expensive undertaking but really does make a big difference.  It would have to or it wouldn’t be worth it.  So if someone with great gear knows what they’re doing with it, then wow, look out!!  These photographers are usually extraordinary!


So where am I going with all of this you ask?  Well here’s the bottom line.  Photographers who know what they are doing can make a good image with any level of equipment.  I know a fashion photographer that is HUGE in the industry who is publishing a book of all iphone images.  You’d NEVER know they were shot with an Iphone.  They are amazing, b/c he has the knowledge in his head to create a great image with any medium.  So the moral of the story…bigger is not always better, even though it may give the illusion of being so.  :)    Happy shooting!!!

They grow so fast

It’s no secret that I love love love my baby plan members.  They have a special place in my heart, as I get to watch them grow.  It’s one of the coolest parts of my job.  Seeing the difference between newborns (I typically get them at 6 days old) and 4 months, (when they are up for round two) is just phenomenal.

I often find myself wondering while photographing my clients who they’ll be, how will they effect our world, what kind of influence will they have.  Will they be a leader, a lost sheep, an average joe.  There are so many different walks of life.  I don’t know why my mind always wonders to this line of thought.  Maybe b/c my mom always comments on little hands.  I can think of a dozen times when she’s said something to the effect of “look at those hands, her fingers are long….artistic.”  I guess that’s the mindset I’ve developed now.  This getting old thing is something else!  Well I guess growing up, not getting old b/c I for sure can’t be old.  :) When I look at my kids and think of how big they are it’s just astonishing.  My oldest is almost 9…WOW!  Really?  How did that happen.  I’m so thankful for the fact that I do what I do.  I have those memories to cherish for the rest of our lives.  I’m also thankful for snapshots.  I was just changing my timeline picture on fb, and came across one of my youngest at the beach from when she was about a year old.  So small, sweet and cute.  I am obviously the type of person who finds pictures really important.  There are two types of people in this life.  Those who value pictures, and those who don’t.  I’m fortunate that all of my clients do.  I love you all, and am so thankful and grateful for the opportunity to photograph your kiddo’s and families.  That’s truly where I’m happiest.